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The Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight
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tonight, tonight | the smashing pumpkins

Pearl Jam - Why Go (Live at Pinkpop 1992)


Bikini Kill - Nov. 16, 1991. photos by Brad Sigal. 

I had a quick question about record store day,do you know if the new songs by Veruca Salt, Garbage and Sunny Day Real Estate will eventually be released on CD/I tunes format? I don't have a record player (yes shame on me, I'm saving for one) but I'd really like to here those songs.

I think they will be released in mp3 format. Last year, Garbage released a cover of Because the Night and it was eventually on iTunes. :) Even if it’s not officially released on CD or mp3, somebody will probably rip it and put it on YouTube or something.

The Breeders - Do You Love Me Now?
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Love a smiling Kurt in a dress flipping people off <3

Love a smiling Kurt in a dress flipping people off <3


Best quote from the article: “Eric was like Eeyore.” Heh. A very talented Eeyore.

There’s a lot of great info in this article. If you think you know about Hole and Live Through This,  read this!