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Pearl Jam - Satan's Bed
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Satan’s Bed | Pearl Jam

 Wow - this new Beck video is so awesome! Check it out! 

Smells Like Teen Spirit, for Orchestra


Thought you might be interested in this. I modified Kurt Cobain’s original vocals to a major key and rewrote the rest for orchestra.

Sonic Youth - Touch Me I'm Sick
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Sonic Youth “Touch Me I’m Sick” (Mudhoney cover)

Slowdive - When the Sun Hits
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Slowdive - When The Sun Hits

"I was really stoned when I wrote it" - Layne Staley

Talking about ‘Rape Me’.

The Breeders, L7 and Hole.

I am going to do this one cause I love all these bands a lot.

The Breeders

am I a fan?: A resounding YES

favorite song: Doe

favorite album: POD

favorite member: Kim

seen live?: No

unpopular opinion: Sometimes I think the Breeders are better than the Pixies

band rate: 9/10


am I a fan?: HELL YES

favorite song: Shitlist

favorite album: Bricks are Heavy

favorite member: really hard to choose between Donita and Jennifer Finch

seen live?: No

unpopular opinion: Their last couple of albums are not my favorite

band rate: 9/10


am I a fan?: Probably one of the biggest fans you’ll ever see

favorite song: Burn Black

favorite album: Live Through This

favorite member: obviously Courtney Love but Hole is not Hole without Eric Erlandson as well

seen live?: I was supposed to see Hole in 1998 with Manson—had a ticket and everything—but they cancelled the entire tour 2 dates before my city…and then Hole broke up. D:

unpopular opinion: I’ll say it again: HOLE IS NOT HOLE WITHOUT ERIC ERLANDSON

band rate: 10/10


SO many messages, so I’m going to stop for now! We will get to all of the bands as soon as we can, and feel free to keep sending. ;)

Garbage / No Doubt / Weezer / Veruca Salt



am I a fan?: Of course

favorite song: #1 Crush

favorite album: self titled or Version 2.0

favorite member: Shirley Shirley and more Shirley

seen live?: Wish I had seen them in the 90s…

unpopular opinion: Sometimes the electronica aspect of this band makes me cringe (don’t kill me Dorothy <3)

band rate: 7/10

No Doubt

am I a fan?: I will always have a place in my heart for them although I am not a fan of their most recent album

favorite song: Excuse Me Mr.

favorite album: They will never top Tragic Kingdom

favorite member: the all mighty Gwen

seen live?: Yes on the Rocksteady tour. They were bad ass.

unpopular opinion: Gwen’s cultural appropriation turns me off a lot

band rate: 7/10


am I a fan?: Their first two records will always be awesome

favorite song: El Sorcho

favorite album: PINKERTON FOR LIFE

favorite member: Rivers…the little douche.

seen live?: I saw this band in about 1999, right before the Green album came out, alongside Ozma and the Get Up Kids. It was one of the best shows of my young life.

unpopular opinion: omg fuck you Rivers

band rate: 6/10

Veruca Salt

am I a fan?: Aww yeah

favorite song: All Hail Me

favorite album: American Thighs

favorite member: How can I choose between Louise and Nina???

seen live?: no sadly

unpopular opinion: sometimes I think they reuse chord progressions a bit too much

band rate: 7/10


Reblogging this as the other mod (americanhighwayflower) because I would like to put in my own answers for Garbage, my favorite band, as well. :)

am I a fan?: Die-hard, until I die and then some.

favorite song: Vow, but I literally love all of their songs, even their bizarre b-sides.

favorite album: Self-titled.

favorite member: Shirley Ann Manson is literally the love of my life.

seen live?: 8 times.

unpopular opinion: They’re perfect? Does that count?

band rate: 1 trillion/10.